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Agung Podomoro Expands Tigaraksa Station and Builds Tenjo Flyover


PT Agung Podomoro Land Tbk (APLN) will expand Tigaraksa Station and build a Tenjo Flyover in Tenjo, Bogor Regency, West Java. The two projects were implemented as an effort by Agung Podomoro to build Transit Oriented Development (TOD) in the Kota Podomoro Tenjo area.

This project is a Government Cooperation with Business Entities (PPP) between the Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) and Agung Podomoro. President Director of Agung Podomoro Bacelius Ruru said, Agung Podomoro prepared an area of 650 hectares for the development of Kota Podomoro Tenjo. Meanwhile, specifically for the construction of these two projects, Agung Podomoro provided an area of 2.2 hectares.

"The project starts on the groundbreaking now, but it is estimated that we will complete the construction in one year," said Bacelius on Saturday (10/15/2022). So that the development of Tigaraksa Station and the construction of the Tenjo Flyover are targeted to be completed next year before it is finally inaugurated. Bacelius explained, the Tenjo Flyover will later connect Kota Podomoro Tenjo with Tigaraksa Station with a bridge length of 270 meters and a height of 7 meters. One of the purposes of the construction of the Tenjo Flyover is also to overcome congestion at railway crossings around the area. This facility can be used not only by residents of Kota Podomoro Tenjo, but also the surrounding community.