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First, Kota Podomoro Tenjo Begins Handover of Premium Shophouse Afara Business Park


Reporter: Sri Sayekti | Editor: Ignatia Maria Sri Sayekti

KONTAN.CO.ID - Kota Podomoro Tenjo, an independent city and a new satellite masterpiece Agung Podomoro, a leading, trusted, and integrated property developer in Indonesia, today carried out the first handover of premium type shophouse units to consumers. This handover, which is carried out a few months faster than the July 2023 target, is the developer's commitment to continue to spur development.

Kota Podomoro Tenjo Chief Marketing Officer Zaldy Wihardja explained that the initial handover of premium type shophouse units that is faster than the target promised to consumers, will further increase trust in developers. For this reason, Kota Podomoro Tenjo will continue to encourage development progress so that consumers can immediately use it.

"We are grateful that the work on this shophouse went smoothly so that it could be handed over to consumers. With a strong commitment and supported by a professional team, we are optimistic that we can carry out gradually until the end of this year in accordance with the targets set by the company," Zaldy said in his official statement.

Zaldy said the community's need for commercial property continues to grow, in addition to landed house occupancy. Therefore, Kota Podomoro Tenjo continues to spur development progress in order to meet these needs. From a total area of 650 hectares, Kota Podomoro Tenjo is planned to build more than 1,000 units of shophouses and currently 400 units have been sold.

"In business, shophouses in Kota Podomoro Tenjo have potential prospects because they have a large target consumer. The residential footprint of Kota Podomoro Tenjo has also sold more than 4,800 units and this number will continue to grow along with the development we are still running," he said.

Not only promising from a business aspect, investment in commercial property products such as shophouses as assets is also still prospective. Evidently, from the Commercial Property Development Report (PPKOM) Bank Indonesia reported that the Commercial Property Price Index for the selling category in the fourth quarter of 2022 was recorded to increase by 0.30% on an annual basis (year on year).

"As The Next Serpong, Kota Podomoro Tenjo is very promising for consumers who want to invest in shophouses. The first is the number of residents of Kota Podomoro Tenjo reaching thousands of people and the status as an independent city and a new satellite that still has great potential for business growth," said Zaldy.

Zaldy added that this high investment potential is also supported by the price of shophouses in Kota Podomoro Tenjo which is still affordable compared to the surrounding area. Kota Podomoro Tenjo offers shophouses with prices starting from 600 million. "This price is still very affordable compared to similar projects in the surrounding area and every year there is always an increase in investment value along with the massive development of the region," he added.

At this inaugural moment, Kota Podomoro Tenjo handed over the premium type shophouse unit, Afara Business Park. Ruko Afara Business Park is adjacent to a premium cluster surrounded by around 1,500 residences in the luxury cluster and is located in the Central Business District (CBD) area of Kota Podomoro Tenjo. Other premium types of shophouses are Agatis Business Park, Amari Avenue which has been sold out and Andromeda Avenue shophouses which are currently being marketed.

In addition, Kota Podomoro Tenjo also provides shophouses with deluxe types, namely Cinnamon Shophouse and Lavender Arcade Shophouse which are being marketed. The deluxe type shophouse is in the middle of the deluxe cluster and club house. The shophouses built are intended to open businesses, restaurants, other daily necessities and life styles provided for residents of Kota Podomoro Tenjo.

"Presenting integrated housing with commercial areas is the commitment of Kota Podo